Equipa Dos Lobos

The Quinta dos Lobos is located in Gramaços, County of Oliveira do Hospital, Beira Alta, and has approximately 180 ha of Pine forest, 30 ha of pasture land, 800 olive tress (among various fruit trees) and 50 bee hives.

It also has a herd of approximately 250 sheep that produced, in 2012, approximately 13,000 litres of milk.

The Quinta dos Lobos currently employs 7 people on a permanent basis, including the Company’s Founder and Manager, an Administrator or Foreman, a Cheese-maker and Helper,  a Shepherd and Helper, a Tractor driver and Helper, as well as all the seasonal staff that are required in the farming activity.

There is also an Oenologist who is responsible for the Dos Lobos wine and for Billing and a Sales Representative responsible for contacts with Client and orders.

Like any other Family company and project, this one was born fruit of a dream and devotion, it survives thanks to blood, sweat and tears but it is perceived and enjoyed with a huge amount of professionalism and dedication.




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