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The diverse century-old Quinta dos Lobos olive trees are predominantly of the Galega variety, with olives that produce a very distinctive coloured nectar and aromas. This is particularly evident when it is used to make home-made mayonnaise :-).
Another of the characteristics of this this of olive oil is its longer validity than that of other olive oils, without losing its normal characteristics.

Dos Lobos - Olive Oil Product Description:

The Dos Lobos Olive Oil is produced and bottled at Cobral olive oil mill using mechanical means only.
It is a superior category olive oil (extra virgin) obtained directly and only from olives, exclusively using mechanical processes with its production made at 32°C.

The Extra Virgin Dos Lobos olive oil is made using mainly Galega olives.
Physico-chemical Properties (2011 data):
Sensorial analysis: Mf = 4,8 (medium green) ; Md = 0
Acidity: 0,2%
Peroxide value (meq O2/ kg): 5,0
K232: 1,251
K270: 0,129
Δ K:0,001

Packaging and presentation: The Dos Lobos Olive Oil is available in 0.5L, 0.75L, 1L, 2 1/2L and 5L bottles.
Transport and storage: The olive oil should be stored in a cool, dark place.
Best before date: To be consumed preferable within one year of its production.
Conditions of Use: As presented or for cooking. To be consumed by the public in general.
Observations: As it is a natural product, it may present some turbidity or solidify at lower temperatures.



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