The Dos Lobos brand originated from a surname and a family history.

This generation is the Family’s most symbolic: The 7 Lobos de Gramaços

Os 7 Lobos de Gramaços

The photo shows the grandfather and great uncles of the Company’s founder.

The Lobos de Gramaços Family has been closely linked to the land and Region of Beira Alta for generations.

The Family’s occupation of the farm and adjacent land has never been a passive one and, in general, all of its owners passed on, from generation to generation, an increasingly more sophisticated farm, basing their work, as proprietors, on the rules of respect for nature and its sustainable development.

In 1969, the farm was inherited by the current owner who right from the very start endeavoured to perfect the Bordaleira Serra da Estrela breed of sheep and to prepare and select existing productions to make it economically viable. They limited the number of crops produced and started to explore the vines in an increasingly more rational manner.

In the 80s, the dream of building a Certified Serra da Estrela Cheese Dairy became a reality, complying with all the requirements of the legislation in force and recovering an ancient tradition of the Beira farms.

It was in 2000 that our products started to be sold outside the County of Oliveira do Hospital and were made available, not only to a vaster public, but especially to a more distant one.

In the future we hope to continue to improve the products we sell, respecting the inheritance received, as well as achieving more innovation and high quality.



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