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Dos Lobos also offers flower teas that are typical of the region such as Linden and Carqueja.

Picked when flowering (at the beginning of the summer), competing with the farm’s bees, these flowers are dried in the sun and later packed in cloth bags, allowing the tea to maintain its characteristics for various months.


- Linden tea

Product’s description:
The Dos Lobos Linden tea is made using mainly Linden blossom, picked when flowering and dried in the sun.
It is a tisane of intense aroma and colour.

Packaging and presentation: The Dos Lobos Linden tea comes in cloth bags of approximately 150g.

Transport and storage: The Dos Lobos Linden tea should be kept in a dry place.

Best before date: To be consumed preferably within a year of being picked.

Conditions of use: The Linden flowers should be mixed with boiling water and left to stew for a few minutes. This infusion should be strained before it is drunk.
Linden tea has calming properties.



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